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  • Silicon-犀利控

  • 作品說明

    Silicon是款半自動的精密輸液加藥系統,透過點滴加藥管上方與下方的簡易機械計時器與流速閥,來改善醫護員需自行心算控制點滴藥劑流速與時間所產生的醫療疏失,無需電力的機械結構,可搭配外掛式偵測配件,取代昂貴的電子式自動偵測儀器,幫助缺乏醫療資源的地區。 Silicon以醫療級矽膠與強化玻璃取代傳統塑膠材,使整體可回收消毒後再使用,減少醫療垃圾的產生。倒插式的自動加藥座設計可搭配現有專用藥劑瓶,改善醫護員頻繁注射藥物的針扎問題,並減少醫護員交班或忙碌時的溝通疏失。 Silicon is a semi-automatic precise infusion solution dosing system, by simple mechanical timer and flow rate valve to improve medical negligence by staff’s control of flow rate and time of drip medicine; It doesn’t require electricity to replace expensive electronic automatic detection devices, helping resources deprived areas. Silicon Replace plastic with medical-grade silicone and tempered glass that can be recycled and sterilized for reuse to reduce waste. The inverted automatic dosing stand design can work with existing medicine bottles to improve problem of needle punching and reduce gap between medical staff during shift change or busy periods.

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    Design Lions

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    明志科技大學 工業設計系

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