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  • VR動態虛擬展場模型-以室內設計展為例

  • 作品說明

    此作品是用Blender軟體建立3D展間模型,再用Pano2VR進行全景合圖,產生出虛擬展間的全景,接著用Krpano將全景與虛擬空間整合,最後利用VR設備搭配語音導覽來達到身歷情境的功能。展場主要使用者可分為訪客、會員、廠商以及管理者,其中訪客和會員可以針對展覽資訊進行觀看,廠商則是在註冊帳號後即可擁有屬於自己的3D展場空間,可針對自己的展間上傳環景圖、建立環景圖間的互動關係、上傳導覽語音檔、廠商資訊、招牌、調整展品相關資訊等,並可透過後台觀看使用者對於展間的導覽次數和觀看時間等,作為後續展品設計的參考依據。管理者則可以針對整個展場進行控管以及公共區域的配置等。 此外,我們利用資料庫來儲存各廠商及其商品的相關資訊,並透過統計使用者瀏覽情形來推測各商品的受歡迎程度,讓廠商能做為設計及行銷策略的參考。本次競賽主要以空間設計作為範例,提供不同樓層來區別不同設計風格,可讓廠商選擇適合的設計風格樓層,也可讓使用者更方便挑選有興趣的風格樓層樓來導覽。除了空間設計,也可以提供不同類型的商品展示,透過數位網路方式能讓民眾更方便到我們的虛擬展間上進行學習及參觀,不受時間空間的限制。 This work is to use Blender software to create a 3D exhibition room model, then use Pano2VR to make a panoramic view of the virtual exhibition room, then use Krpano to integrate the panorama with the virtual space, and finally use VR equipment with audio guides to achieve personal experience Function. The main users of the exhibition hall can be divided into visitors, members, manufacturers and managers. Among them, visitors and members can watch the exhibition information, and the manufacturers can have their own 3D exhibition space after registering an account. The exhibition booth uploads the environment map, establishes the interactive relationship between the environment map, uploads the audio file, manufacturer information, signboards, adjusts the related information of the exhibits, etc., and can watch the user's tour number and viewing time of the exhibition booth through the background Etc., as a reference basis for subsequent exhibit design. Managers can control the entire exhibition venue and configure the public areas. In addition, we use the database to store relevant information about each manufacturer and its products, and estimate the popularity of each product through statistics on user browsing, so that manufacturers can use it as a reference for design and marketing strategies. This competition mainly takes space design as an example, providing different floors to distinguish different design styles, allowing manufacturers to choose suitable design style floors, and it also allows users to more easily select interesting style floors for navigation. In addition to space design, it can also provide different types of merchandise displays. Through the digital network method, it will be more convenient for the public to learn and visit our virtual exhibition booth without being restricted by time and space.

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